June 2016 – S. Miller

June 2016 - S. Miller

There are several digital maps on line, several at the University of Louisville Archives. The one I look at most is at http://digital.library.louisville.edu/cdm/search/collection/maps/searchterm/1856/order/date

There is a blank section between Campbell (Kentucky) Street and an unnamed street north of Woodbine; and between First and Arthur (Preston) Streets--most of Toonerville. I am working on the premise that this is half of the 200 acres Gray originally leased; and that it contained the five 20-acre lots for which I have 1814-1815 deeds when Arthur Campbell was selling off his father's estate. John Thompson Gray (son) bought the southern-most lot; someone named Luckett bought the next one to the north, then sold the east half to James McCrum (son-in-law); Ambrose Camp, (son-in-law) bought the last two. The width of these lots ran from First to Arthur. The problem is exactly where the southern boundary began, which was described as "a stake at the northeastern corner of Rothwell Street and corner to Samuel Ayres," whom I haven't found yet. The line may be the present-day alley south of Ormsby.

OK-too much information, but it's evidence that family members did own some of the land that continued to be known as Gray's Farm until he died.  However, later maps that show property owners do not have any family names, but at some point they did have the parcel donated it to the church. There is more to track down.

There are other digital maps at the University of Kentucky--all intriguing to study.

Contributed by Susan Price Miller

June 2016

New Map of Louisville Kentucky 1856

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