Some of the documents that exist that show the progression of owners and research of the Fort George Cemetery.

Transcription of Gray Deed, March 1882.

Transcription of Gray Deed, July 1896.

Transcription of Ft. George Deed, April 1897.

Title search Ft. George, August 2009

Deed and covenant Ft. George, October 2009.

Various annotated documents Ft. George, July 2010.

Geophysical survey Ft. George radar scans, February 2012 (15.8 MB).

Susan Miller’s research paper published August, 2015.

Susan Miller’s research notes published June, 2016.

Archival Research Of The Fort GeorgeCemetery, Louisville, KentuckyBy M. Jay Stottman, February, 2017 (6.2 mb PDF)

Geophysical radar survey of Fort George


Burial Ground of Captain George Gray